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Flu Vaccinations

About Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are offered annually free of charge by the NHS to those who meet certain criteria. Flu vaccines can be administered by your GP,  your local Urwin Pharmacy, your midwifery service for women who are pregnant or via a routine hospital appointment.

Flu vaccines are dispensed from October – December to give the best chance of protection through the winter months.

Flu vaccines help protect against the symptoms of various flu viruses and are updated each year for maximum protection. Although the vaccine may not stop you catching flu, being vaccinated is likely to make your symptoms milder and not last as long as those who are not vaccinated.

Who is Eligible for the Flu Vaccine?

Those who are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination includes:

•  Adults over 50 years old
•  Children aged 2-10 years old
•  Pregnant women
•  People with certain health conditions
•  People in residential care or those who live with someone at risk
•  Frontline health and social care workers

If you do not fit into one of the criteria above you may still be able to get a flu vaccine at one of our local Urwin Pharmacy branches. Ask us for more information.


Possible Side Effects of the Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccination is a safe vaccine to take with very few side effects for most.

Possible side effects can include some discomfort at the site of injection, muscle aches and a slightly raised temperature. Paracetamol can be taken to alleviate any of these side effects. Serious reactions to flu vaccinations are very rare but if you have had an adverse reaction in the past, we would suggest that you do not have a flu vaccination in future.

Some vaccines may contain egg so those with an allergy to egg may be able to request an egg-free alternative. Be sure to speak to your Urwin pharmacist about this before you have your flu vaccine.

Book your flu vaccine

We would recommend booking your flu vaccination with your local Urwin Pharmacy at Seaton, Mirehouse or Seacliffe to ensure local GP’s do not become inundated with routine vaccination appointments.

To book your flu vaccine, contact your local Urwin Pharmacy.