The Urwin Pharmacy Group

Minor Ailment Scheme

About the Minor Ailment Scheme

The NHS Minor Ailment Scheme is a service available to those who do not have to pay for their NHS prescriptions whereby you can seek advice, and where appropriate, treatment for a range of minor ailments free of charge from your local pharmacy. This saves you having to make an appointment to see your GP and is a fast and easy way to treat a variety of common minor illnesses.

Examples of the illnesses covered by the Minor Ailment Scheme include back-ache, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, earache, haemorrhoids, indigestion/heartburn, hay fever, head lice, sore throats, teething and thrush.

Urwin Pharmacies believe the benefits of this flexible service make treatment more accessible as our pharmacies are open across the weekends and outside of normal office hours. Ensuring our customers have quicker access to treatment is what makes our independent pharmacy the best choice for our local communities.

How do I Register for the Minor Ailment Scheme?

To register for the scheme, you will need to visit your local Urwin Pharmacy in Seaton, Mirehouse or Seacliffe and provide them with your GP practice details, proof that you don’t have to pay for prescriptions, your ID and your NHS number.

They will then be able to recommend a course of treatment based on your symptoms without the need to visit your GP, providing the illness described falls under the category of minor ailments.

For more serious symptoms your pharmacist may recommend you seek further advice from your GP.

Contact one of your local branches for more information about the Minor Ailment Scheme.