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Prescription & Appliance Dispensing

Prescription & Appliance Dispensing

Dispensing prescriptions is one of the most important services our pharmacies carry out for our customers. We believe that providing essential services such as this is fundamental to supporting our local communities, who we care deeply about. Urwin Pharmacies aim to dispense requests, both NHS prescribed and private, promptly and efficiently and ensure a high level of service is delivered throughout. Our pharmacists are knowledgeable and approachable and happy to advise on appropriate treatments, over the counter medicines and whether you might need a prescription or not.

You may find that if you are having to order regular prescriptions the NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate scheme could save you money. You can pay a fixed price for a 3- or 12-month prescription, no matter how many items you need within that time period. Many patients who are prescribed long-term treatments find that this can prove financially beneficial.


Prescription Dispensing

We offer a flexible prescription dispensing service to support your needs at all three of our Urwin Pharmacies – Seaton, Mirehouse and Seacliffe.

As your prescription pharmacy of choice, we receive electronic instructions directly from your GP and aim to fulfil your prescription promptly, making it ready for collection when convenient for you. We will always do our best to work with you as we understand that our customers have busy lives.

Contact your local Urwin pharmacy directly if you have urgent requests or to arrange a convenient time for collection.

Appliance Dispensing

Urwin Pharmacies provide appliance dispensing alongside our prescription service for both private and NHS requests. Appliances refers to additional products you may need to administer to your medical needs. These can include spacers for inhalers, Stoma pouches and catheter bags for example. Ordering your appliances through your local pharmacy means you do not need to make multiple appointments with your GP.

We ask that, where possible, you give a few days’ notice for any appliance requests to ensure we have your required items available.

How much does a prescription cost?

NHS prescriptions are normally charged at £9.35 per item from April 2022 but there are certain circumstances where you may be eligible for free prescriptions. Private prescriptions vary in price and some items may be less than NHS prescriptions whilst others may cost more.

Ask one of our team for more information about this.