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Lateral Flow Testing

Free NHS COVID-19 Testing

Free NHS COVID-19 testing is no longer available for many in the UK as of 1st April 2022.

Rapid Lateral Flow tests are still available for those who work for the NHS, in adult social care settings, have a health condition which means you are eligible for free tests or if you’re due to go into hospital for a procedure or surgery.

If you do not fit one of these criteria, then current UK government advice is that testing is not necessary.

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests

Urwin Pharmacies at Seaton, Mirehouse and Seacliffe offer COVID-19 tests for those who are not eligible for free NHS tests. You may want to purchase a test if you are returning to work or school, if you plan to visit someone who is at a higher risk of getting COVID-19 or simply for your own peace of mind.

If you plan on travelling abroad, we strongly advise you check the travel advice for the destination you are travelling to for the most up to date COVID-19 guidance with regards to testing and symptoms. If a test is required for the country you will be visiting, this is something our local branches can help you with. See our Travel Clinic page for more information.

What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 then government guidelines suggest you stay home where possible, wear a face mask if you do leave the house and avoid crowded places and socialising with other people, especially those who may be at a higher risk of getting COVID-19.

If you become unwell and are worried about your symptoms seek advice from 111, call 999 for urgent assistance or get your your nearest A&E hospital.


The best way to avoid the effects of COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.